Ben Weiner

Founder, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, L.L.C.

TOPIC: How to source the best washed, honey, natural process, and anaerobic fermentation coffees

Ben will explain what it takes to produce award-winning washed, honey, natural process, and anaerobic fermentation coffees. He will explain what to look for when sourcing each processing method, and you will experience the taste of each.

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers has its own farm (Finca Idealista) in Nicaragua and also connects partner specialty coffee producers directly with roasters. They treat coffee farms like vineyards for fine wines, unlocking the full potential of high-cupping coffees to make a positive impact at origin. Gold Mountain won the SCAE Sustainability Award for its work on environmental, economic and social sustainability. Roasters have used Gold Mountain coffees to win the Good Food Awards and numerous medals in the Golden Bean Awards, and baristas have used their coffees to reach the final rounds of competitions.