Can I have it all?

News from above with Phillip Di Bella

Am I a good parent, do I make a difference, can I afford to hire more staff?

A global company asked more than 2,500 clients what was on their mind and not without surprise, many responded with these questions. As a business owner, it is easy to get absorbed by your day to day business and lose sight of your true motivation and the most important people in your life.

I have learned that finding a harmony is not easy, but getting help from business partners, customers and supporters can make your work and personal life a lot more harmonious.  Typically, we judge suppliers on the quality of their product, customer service and price – but do we also look at how they can make our life easier, free up time or give us valuable advice? If you want “to have it all”, you will have to find suppliers, products and services that save time, increase your earning power and allow you to invest time in yourself, customers and staff.

Investing in your staff is critical, so they become competent, loyal and solve problems before you need to solve them. Isn’t that what you are paying them for anyway? You have a smart phone and computer, so why not unleash low cost innovations to make your business easier to run and let yourself concentrate on providing great customer service to your customers?

Here are five simple time saver tips:

Hate the rostering puzzle? Look for online or app solutions that allow self-rostering of your staff. Keen and motivated staff will quickly emerge as the most engaged users.
Stock control and ordering
Search for online tools that allow you to (re) order stock from your phone or tablet. Set up automated re-ordering once you have established your par levels.
Cash flow
Spend some time every day to look at your cash position and know where your money is. Feeling confident about your financial situation and having money in the bank will save you the time you spent on all the foolish things you had to do in the past to find money to pay the bills.
Time management
Put your most important activities, work, social, sports and quality time in a calendar and stick to it for at least three weeks and do not compromise the time commitments you made. Respect other people’s time and your own time. Remember, you cannot bank time – once past, it is gone.
Promote customer self-service
Let customers pre-order to jump the queue, use swipe payments, let them promote your business and reward them for doing your marketing by offering “friends’” deals and personal referral codes.
Preventative maintenance
Always keep all your equipment clean and in perfect working condition. A half hour daily clean and check routine will avoid costly dramas. Don’t forget your own body and mind!

Take care of yourself and important people around you. Happy and healthy people are more productive, energetic and creative. Adopt a “how can I help you?” mentality, and you will have an invaluable support network when you hit a low yourself.

You can have it all with the right people and partners around you.