Lunch Session

Navigating Women’s Coffee | Perspectives from Cafe Femenino

Open to all Compak attendees interested in this lunchtime session – RSVP required (see below)

Lunch Session:
Thursday 15th Setpember, 12pm

Connie Kolosvary, Café Femenino Program Director, OPTCO
Katherine Oglietti, General Manger & Coffee Buyer, OPTCO

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Women’s Coffee has recently become a trend in the coffee industry. Roasters are making the important realization that women play vital roles in coffee production but are traditionally excluded from the negotiation and sale of their product. There is a growing market and premium for women’s coffee, under the idea of promoting gender equality and economic justice for women coffee producers. How can roasters be assured that the women’s coffee they buy supports and empowers the women who produce that coffee? Organic Products Trading Company offers perspective on how to ensure that women’s coffee truly empowers women coffee producers based on 13 years of experience through the Café Femenino program.

About Café Femenino: Cafe Femenino is a social business program with the goal to empower female coffee farmers through the production and sale of their own product. Café Femenino coffees are the vehicle to create social change and gender equality within the coffee value chain, improving the well-being of coffee farmers and their families as a result.