*Official equipment for the Golden Bean engine room 

Manual tamping is not an art it’s just hard work! Puqpress delivers more consistent extractions vs a manual tamper so no more wasted, uneven or channeled coffee shots, just perfect espresso every time.

– Adjustable tamping pressure can be set between 20lbs. and 60lbs. of force for better, more consistent coffee.
– Puqpress patented self leveling system offers handsfree operation during the tamping process and increases workflow in the busy times.
– Reduce the incidence of barista wrist and associated repetitive strain injuries.
– Speeds up Workflow
– Improves Consistency
– Latest Nano Technology non-stick coated tamper head reduces coffee build up
– Advanced stiffer frame that works perfectly with all portafilters including bottomless
– Suits all Portafilter sizes from 53mm – 59mm with adjustable tamping pressure of +/- 2lbs. to optimize your extraction
– New easily adjustable lower clamp simplifies setup

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