Roasting Hobby turns into a worthy social cause!

Launching this month, Groundswell Roasters is a Vancouver based social enterprise funding students of their not-for-profit school, Groundswell, through the sale of specialty coffee.

Housed in the Groundswell school headquarters, a community café, the roastery will operate using a 3kg Joper, offering a range of organic and ethically sourced beans.

A former student of Groundswell’s social enterprise program, Melbourne born Attie O’Rourke founded Groundswell Roasters to put her hobby roasting to better use. After 13 years working within the coffee industry it was no surprise she felt a pull towards the very heart of specialty coffee, the bean.

Attie and her roasting partner Will Kemp are humbled by the support they have received so far particularly Vancouver based Pallet Coffee Roasters, strong advocates of growing the specialty coffee community.

Inspired by the collaboration within the roasting community, the long-term vision of Groundswell Roasters is to inspire future youth into careers in coffee, through workshops and training programs.

You can follow the journey of Groundswell Roasters at @groundswellroasters