Sean Edwards

Founder, Golden Bean
Managing Director, Cafe Culture International

Sean started his working life as an Electrical Fitter in the Hunter Valley mining industry before gaining a degree in OHS and Human Resource management. Along with wife Kristine he moved to the America’s, travelling across the country working in hospitality positions, predominantly in hotel management. On returning to Australia Sean setup his first café and a bed and breakfast on the North Coast of New South Wales followed shortly with a second café in Bellingen. Sean also set up a successful tourism network and secured regional support for a group of adventure operators called Total Adventure.

Through his cafe experience Sean recognised the need for coffee training and assisted in writing the “Prepare and Serve” coffee module with Tourism Training Australia. This then led to the start of Café Biz – the first ever trade Show for café owners. Shortly after, Café Culture magazine followed with a string of associated small events and the start of a very successful consulting business.

Sean is often invited as a keynote speaker to talk about Coffee Economics. He has spoken in Korea, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, USA and many Australian coffee events.

Sean has led Café Culture in creating a coffee roasters award, the Golden Bean. Nine years later this event is the largest roasters event in the world with over 2000 entries. Golden Bean USA is all set to commence in North America on the 16th of September in Portland Oregon.

During the last year the Café Culture team has been focusing on supplier route to market planning. Sean has led some major projects with large beverage manufacturers where they have achieved sales targets in the first month of a 3 month project.

Sean is a keen networker and loves the opportunity to connect all in the coffee world. His philosophy is around education and communication which has been the catalyst for the success of Café Culture.